Step 4: setback

Were they right indeed?

True goal:

Systematize knowledge and online Forex trading tools

False target:

Increase volume to earn a lot over the short period of time

Your state of mind

You've spent a lot of time on the market trying different indicators and attempting to systematize online Forex trading. However, you cannot explain a reason of the most part of losses.

Typical actions of a trader


Some say that practice is important, others advise to take a break. So, what do you do?

What to do next

Write down a locking price for a profit and stop loss prior to a trading session. Stick to the plan. Keep the position if analysis confirm earlier findings. Do not make a decision on the contrary to the logic of your plan “on the go”.

Our task as a broker to show that all professionals went through this step and therefore you can do it also. Take an advantage of additional training system. Give yourself time to rethink practical actions. As time passes you will look at these failures as at a decisive victories.

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