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Analyzing any Forex currency pair, every trader accounts for such values, which go through consolidation of its price not just once. At this point, it does not matter which forecast method is adhered by a trader: those values should be considered by all of them. Support line represent force line to which the price moved top down and back not once. In the opposite case when the price several times approached a certain point down top and bounced from it, it is known as resistance line.
受欢迎的文章: Acceleration indicator
Acceleration/Deceleration (AC) – is a technical indicator of oscillator type measuring acceleration and deceleration of price. It was devised by a famous trader Bill Williams – author of best selling books devoted to stock exchanges and a founder Profitunity Trading Group. According to author of this method, Acceleration/Deceleration is an important component of successful trading. It is explained by the fact that acceleration primarily speaks for change of price dynamic and as a result – change of market driving force. Thus, this indicator sends warning signals beforehand.
Forex success: trading discipline
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