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随机的文章: Line Break Charts
Line Break Chart is the set of vertical rectangles formed on the basis of close prices. Volume data and time axis are not applied in this method. Steve Nison in his book “Japanese candlestick techniques” says: “Line break charts is similar to the cross and noughts chart, but performs as a more penetrating method when reversal movement of price is determined by market rather than by a trader”.
受欢迎的文章: Purchasing Managers' Index
Purchasing Managers' Index (National Association of Purchasing, PMI index) represents a summary report of surveying managers in the field of industry. PMI index is used to measure change of production output, the number of new industrial orders, inventories as well as operation speed of suppliers. The goal of this economic indicator is to provide the information about shaping of price policy, tendencies in business and broadly in the economy. PMI (otherwise called NAPM) is measured as percentage % from 1 to 100. Respondents to the survey answers simple questions. Choice of answers is usually limited by “yes”, “no” and “no change”. Taking into account the structure of questions, it is hard to escape a conclusion that psychological factors heavily impact index value, which can distort figures.
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