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随机的文章: Current account balance
Current account balance of the state represents the difference between the amount of payments transferred abroad and amounts of payments coming from abroad. If external payments exceeds payments sent to other states and international organizations, then current balance is called active (surplus takes place), in the opposite case it is stated that negative balance emerged (credit balance). Value of current account is published quarterly, in the middle of the month around 10:00 a.m EST (New York). Market respond to published value is minor. Active balance is a positive factor for national currency.
受欢迎的文章: Retail sales
Retail sales, RS is an important fundamental index rendering change in the volume of retail sales. In other words, the index shows consumer demands and expenses for goods of various categories. It is directly related with GDP. RS is measured as percentage and is compared to previous value, as a result, a new dynamic of index change is set.
How to discover a credible Forex broker?
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