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In the Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD) indicator, convergence is the norm and divergence is an anomaly. As an anomaly, a divergence holds no power over convergence. A divergence is simply an unexpected event and is purposed to be overlapped by another convergence. Thus, it is a mistake to treat divergence as a signal for an impending change in trend. Divergence is a sign that there might be a change in price movement. It doesn't matter if divergence is Bullish or Bearish or Hidden. A divergence is a divergence, nothing more. What's more important in MACD is price behavior following right after any divergence, because that is the true signal. Check how it is shown on the below chart:
受欢迎的文章: Wolfe Waves
Wolfe Waves – one of the numerous methods for market analysis. The method based on Wolfe Waves does not imply indicator, it uses wave analysis. An author of strategy is a professional trader and analyst Bill Wolfe. The difference of analysis based on Wolfe Waves from Elliot Wave Theory is that analysis is made on the spot, because marking is not required on high or low time-frames.
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