Do you know a good method to attract customers? You have a unique opportunity to show your talent, because in our affiliate program you can create your own affiliate promotions for customers! And then to run them on your affiliate website! It's very simple to do that, see for yourself.

Come up with an original idea!

The first thing to do is to come up with and original idea of your promotion. It's important that is should be easy to realize, explained in a simple and understandable language.

Offer your promotion to us!

As soon as your idea is ready to implement, tell it to the manager of affiliate programs. To do that, fill out a short form in your Personal partner area. Manager's examination takes two working days. Pay attention that usually partner is responsible for finance provision of that promotions. After a successful check, you can run the promotion.

Launchthe promotion on your affiliate website!

To run the promotion you should have an affiliate website. Learn, how to get this unique resourse right now.

Have already got the web-site and wait for the confirmation by our manager to launch promo? Just put it on your website in accordance with our instructions. All promotions will be seen on the main page of your affiliate website, so visitors will not miss them.

Tell visitors of your site about a new promotion!

Well, your promotion is on the website and all that is left to do is to invite prospective clients to participte. You can do this in different ways:

You can use any method that is allowed by the «Partner agreement» and agreed with the company. Go for it!

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