Phoenix MT4 顾问

Phoenix Trading Advisor

Phoenix MT4 顾问
$ 500
• The minimum deposit on a cent account is $150 (lot 0.01)
• The minimum deposit on a cent account is $1500 (lot 0.1)
• The minimum deposit on a dollar account is $15,000


How the Phoenix Trading Advisor works

Phoenix Trading Advisor is an automated forex trading system. The work of the adviser is based on the online trading platform MetaTrader 4 and the MT4 programming language. To start the adviser, a trader needs to download the tool, connect it to the trading terminal following the instructions, set the maximum drawdown (a loss that a person can afford to incur), track statistical data and adjust the settings if necessary.

The Trading Advisor can work with up to 10 currency pairs. The maximum daily profit is 20%, and the critical level of losses is 5%. The minimum deposit for a 1-cent account is $150, for a 10-cent account it is $1500, for a dollar account it is $15000.
The Phoenix Trading Advisor has 4 trading systems. The purchase of currency pairs for each of the systems is carried out simultaneously. The trading strategy carries out hedging, that is, in other words, an alternative asset is bought to balance between profit and possible losses. The trading strategy operates on 5 indicators, which are separate subsystems for searching for patterns and building on their basis a possible scenario for breaking the level in a short time frame (from 1 to 5 hours).

Phoenix Trading Advisor Benefits

The Phoenix Trading Advisor has a built-in recalculation system, which prevents the accumulation of orders and, as a result, the complex risk of losing capital during a massive downward breakdown of the level is reduced. In a negative scenario, a mathematical model for selling assets and reducing losses to 0 will be activated.

What conditions for getting the Expert Advisor?

These subscriptions can be extended, if you have more than a specified amount in the balance. Also, you can request a ticket for an extension on the website.

Securing to partner no. 760459 is obligatory.

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