EUR/USD Price Has Started Upside Correction Development. | 03 4月 2024

03 4月 2024, EUR/USD

EUR/USD Price Has Started Upside Correction Development.

This Time, Expectations Have Been Met and Realized Almost Completely. The Price Having Just Updated a Local Low, Started to Rise Sharply.

This is Likely Due to the Expanding Diagonal Triangle with an Extended 5 Wave Completing Its Formation.

The Next Correction Phase Has Begun, Which May Become Wave 2 in an Emerging Downward Impulse, or Wave B in a Major Bearish Correction. It Is Expected to Continue Rising in the Near Future and Correcting the Current Upward Movement, as Shown in the Given Chart.

Since the Remaining Potential in This Growth Cycle Looks Insignificant, It Is Recommended to Wait for the Next Directional Wave.

Investment Idea: Flat.

Bob Stan
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