Bullish rally in stock markets! | 13 11月 2020

Bullish rally in stock markets!


The BoE wary of the risk of a Brexit shock in less than two months' time, raised the size of its asset purchase programme to 895 billion pounds, 50 billion pounds more than expected by most traders. The central bank kept its benchmark Bank Rate at 0.1%, as expected in the poll, while it looks into the feasibility of taking borrowing costs below zero for the first time. The BoE said it expected Britain's economy would shrink by 11% in 2020, more severe than the 9.5% contraction it forecast in August. Gross domestic product was likely to grow by 7.25% in 2021, weaker than a previous forecast of a 9% bounce-back. This is a positive signal for the British stock market!

Trading recommendation: Buy 5960 and take profit 6010.

Bullish rally in stock markets!


The COVID-19 spread across the US will force a return to lockdowns and make Congress deliver at least a $1 trillion dollars in stimulus by December. House Speaker and top Congressional Democrat Nancy Pelosi told reporters her next immediate priority was to cajole members of the Trump administration to resume Covid-19 stimulus talks disrupted by the election. “I'm calling on the administration to come back to the table,” Pelosi said. “Congress has committed to passing an Omnibus Appropriations bill (for the Covid-19). This is the core of our work in the lame duck, so we don't have a pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people and infecting millions more.” This is a positive signal for the US stock market!

Trading recommendation: Buy 3550 and take profit 3589.

Bullish rally in stock markets!


Oil settled below $39 a barrel as rising global COVID-19 cases stoked fears about lackluster demand. The new coronavirus uses a surprising pathway to exit infected cells and go on to infect others, researchers have discovered. It hijacks a cell structure called the lysosome, which is normally where cellular trash goes to be destroyed. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies including Russia, a group known as OPEC+, could delay bringing back 2 million barrels per day of supply in January, given weaker demand after new lockdowns.

Trading recommendation: range 37.00 -41.20.


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