The Federal Reserve still has work to do | 12 10月 2023

12 10月 2023, EUR/USD

The Federal Reserve still has work to do

EURUSD trading plan:

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York released data on inflation expectations for September, interesting information: inflation expectations for one year have stopped falling and have risen slightly for two months in a row, standing at 3.7% in September. The increase in inflation expectations has been more pronounced among "inflation sceptics", which means that the quarterly rate of inflation expectations has remained unchanged and has risen steadily over the past month, reaching 5.3% in September, well above previous levels. This means that Americans are not planning to cut their spending significantly. More broadly, it suggests that consumer expectations have stabilised at moderately high levels and that they don't plan to change how much they consume. For the Fed, this means that the job of reducing inflation is not yet done.

Investment idea: sell 1.0639 and take profit 1.0545.

David Johnson
Analyst of «FreshForex» company
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