Conference of Heads of Central Banks | 29 9月 2021

29 9月 2021, GBP/USD

Conference of Heads of Central Banks

GBPUSD trading plan:

The heads of the world’s four major central banks gather for a mostly virtual European Central Bank forum on Wednesday, and if last year was marked by a uniform rush to stave off the worst, their exit strategies are already diverging. Central banks that launched massive emergency support to fight the pandemic last year are now planning a global turn in the other direction, with gaps already emerging in their perceived risk of inflation, the need to respond to it, and the pace of the likely return to normal monetary policy. Policy divergence among the world’s major central banks can influence markets worldwide, shifting capital flows, exchange rates and trade patterns.

Investment idea: range 1.3465 -1.3585.

David Johnson
Analyst of «FreshForex» company
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