Earn on Investment Portfolios

FreshForex is one of the first brokers providing the opportunity to earn on investment portfolios!

Investment portfolios allow to:

Trading wiwth portfolio is as simple as trading with the currency pair EUR/USD.

Hystory of the project

Hystory of the project

In mid 2015 FreshForex company expanded the list of available CFDs on shares. This step allowed our clients to try out new market opportunities and increase their earning.

The company had been working to further improve CFD trading environment. Having analyzed the new range of contracts, analysts of FreshForex made 3 investment portfolio. Having determined degree of acceptable risk, company decided to invest in these instruments.

We wanted to buy shares on the first trading day of the year to protect the investment against gap. However, in several hours, it became clear that the markets were in panick. We postponed this purchase until the end of January. That's was the period when market began to stabilize and prices started to rise.

At the end of the 3rd quarter the portfolio value increased:
Investment Portfolio Gain rate *
TF_ITBIZ 40.97%
TF_WWWBIZ 34.32%
TF_RUSBIZ 18.47%
* from January 25 to September 20 of 2016, without an account of commissions

Such increase of initial investment in the amount of $ 50 000 per one portfolio allowed to earn more than $ 45 000.

These results convinced us that we have to offer our traders the chance to participate in these earnings.

Profile of portfolios

US IT sector
Number of shares
Company when quotation is calculated per 1 lot
#Apple 1 100
#Autodesk 2 200
#IBM 1 100
#Intel 4 400
#Microsoft 2 200
#NVIDIA 4 400
#Oracle 3 300
The Internet companies
Number of shares
Company when quotation is calculated per 1 lot
#Amazon 1 20
#Ebay 27 540
#Facebook 7 140
#Google 1 20
#Yahoo 22 440
#Yandex 48 960
Russian companies
listed on MICEX
Number of shares
Company when quotation is calculated per 1 lot
#Gazprom 7 7000
#Lukoil 0.4 400
#Sberbank 10 10000
#SurgutNeft 30 30000
#VTB 13000 13000000
#MVideo 4 4000

We have no mimunum threshold to start wokring with investment portfolios.
The recommended deposit is from $500.

To start trading with investment portfolios, you need:


Sign up
and open an account


from $500


Using the platform,
open a trade in one of 3 portfolios

Earn using a classic strategy
succeeding through decades!

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