Satyr MT4 顾问

Satyr Trading Advisor

Satyr MT4 顾问
$ 500
• The minimum deposit on a cent account is $10
• Recommended deposit 100-200$ for one pair


Satyr trade adviser is a special tool to automate the trader’s work. The adviser trades in the M15 time frame with cascades of orders in the hedging format. I.e., it purchases an opposite asset with the purpose to insure and reduce risks. The adviser is focused on high profits. The recommended deposit is $200 per trading pair.

Trader’s algorithm

It’s necessary to install the software, connect it to the trading terminal, and install a stop line (this is a certain amount of profit or loss at which transactions are blocked). Further, you just need to track the statistical indicators of profit and/or loss, as well as adjust the settings.

How does Satyr trade adviser work?

The adviser analyzes weekly charts of several trading tools, selects two opposite ones in terms of probable profitability, while using the same strategy. Also, according to the statistical data, it predicts the level breakthrough. The adviser purchases assets in equal amounts. In case of level breakthrough, it sells assets with a profit of at least 20%. If such a script fails, then the assets will be sold with a loss of 1 to 5%.

Benefits of Satyr

What conditions for getting the Expert Advisor?

These subscriptions can be extended, if you have more than a specified amount in the balance. Also, you can request a ticket for an extension on the website.

Securing to partner no. 760459 is obligatory.

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