S&P500, Brent, Gold: the weekly review


Monthly: ADX is developing, but the trend area has not been reached yet, so the situation can be interpreted in two ways.

S&P500, Brent, Gold: the weekly review

Weekly: a similar situation: ADX has entered the core area. But this activity can be attributed to the two camps: both bearish and bullish. Given the recent weekly pinbar, drop is a more probable scenario. But, if the price breaks above the resistance 2110.0, we may expect a surge to the upper band (2164.7)

Daily chart: ADX/RSI link speaks for correction to support points 2080.7 and 2041.2. In this case, resistance will be at the upper band (2133.6).

Expectations: drop to 2041.2 followed by a surge to 2133.6


1. Buy from 2041.2 to 2133.6.

2. If we have a short signal around ​​2133.6, in the medium-term we should sell to 2014.0.


Monthly: The price has almost reached the resistance (the middle Bollinger band) (55.89). We supposed that around this point there is a possible demand area, which once again cause a medium-term drop towards 26.61.

Weekly: still a very active state of ADX, so finalization of 55.89 looks to be a very likely event.

Daily chart: a technical correction to 49.73 and 47.72 (the middle and lower Bollinger bands)


The main scenario: - drop to 47.72 followed by a surge to 52.16 and 55.89

The alternative scenario - a surge to 55.89 from 49.73.

solutions: We should be looking for the entry points into purchases from 49.73 or 47.72 to 52.16 and 55.89


Monthly: ADX is very close to the trendline area that can cause a breakthrough of the upper Bollinger envelope (1297.06)

Weekly: On the local level bearish patternOver&Under from 1297.06 may develop.

Daily chart: we confirm a strong resistance around the upper Bollinger band (1297.06). Support points are at 1244.49 and 1203.55 (middle and lower Bollinger bands)

Expectations: so, we expect finalization of 1297.06 followed by drop to 1244.49 and 1203.55

solutions: Sell from 1297.06 to 1244.49 and 1203.55

Aleksey Panasenko

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