Positive macroeconomic statistics from Europe | 25 1月 2023

25 1月 2023, EUR/USD

Positive macroeconomic statistics from Europe

EURUSD trading plan:

Euro zone business activity made a surprise return to modest growth in January, adding to signs the downturn in the bloc may not be as deep as feared and that the currency union may escape recession, a survey showed. Pressure on Germany's economy, Europe's largest, eased further in January as inflation slowed and businesses looked to the new year with optimism, a sister survey showed, although sentiment was still shy of predicting a return to growth. In France, the bloc's second biggest economy, output fell slightly overall again in January, its PMI showed, but manufacturing activity improved for the first time since August.

Investment idea: buy 1.0880 and take profit 1.0948.

David Johnson
Analyst of «FreshForex» company
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